Engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring to marry a loved one is one of the most important steps in the life of every man. It is normal, that men being that they do not usually frequent jewelry stores unless they have to make a gift, are unaware of everything that surrounds the engagement ring and ask a large number of doubts, that although they believe that it is something that affects them They are very common among all men. In this post we hope to explain everything you need to know when buying an engagement ring.

What is an engagement ring

First doubt, in this post we already explain the differences between a wedding band and an engagement ring. If what you are looking for is an engagement ring, keep reading, this is your post, if what you are looking for is a wedding band to get married, take a look at this one.

Diamond or brilliant? What is the difference?

To understand us, the diamond is the "stone" and the brilliant the form in which that "stone" is cut. Depending on how we cut a diamond, we will call it brilliant, baguette, princess ... etc. That is to say that every brilliant is a diamond, but not every diamond is necessarily a brilliant.

How is an engagement ring


There are different types of design but we can but they all have the following in common, an engagement ring must have:

- Gold of 1st LAW


-Simple design

Logically, we will always have to adjust to our possibilities. In our online jewelry store we always have on offer a white gold and diamond engagement ring for only € 99 (final price with free shipping). If we are still on a budget, we can choose a silver engagement ring that we will talk about later.

Within the engagement ring we can find 3 great styles:

The solitaire diamond engagement ring

Solitaire engagement ring in white gold

Solitaire engagement ring in white gold

It is the ring that every man has in mind when he thinks of an engagement ring, the one we see in the movies. A white gold ring with a single diamond in the center. The carat of the diamond can be more or less large, of course the bigger the size, the more price. Practically we will always find this design with a brilliant cut and in white gold

Rail Engagement Ring

Rail Engagement Ring

Rail Engagement Ring

In this design a large number of diamonds are found next to each other to form a lane of precious stones. Although the main size is also shiny, we also find baguette designs.

It is a modern and comfortable design, since the girl can always wear it without worrying about it getting caught in clothes or anywhere else.

Mixed. Lane and Solitaire Engagement Ring

Lane and Solitaire Engagement Ring

Lane and Solitaire Engagement Ring

In a design that combines the two previous styles, lane and solitaire. It usually has a central diamond and a series of smaller diamonds on the sides.

Depending on the design it will be more classic or modern.

Get the size right


All diamonds carry a quality certificate indicating the quality of the gold and diamond used, as well as the carat of the piece. In addition, all diamonds have previously passed controls that guarantee the origin of the diamonds from conflict-free zones.

Engagement rings price

Gold engagement rings

The cheapest gold engagement ring is this one , it is designed in top quality 18 carat white gold with a brilliant cut diamond of 0.018 carat. The reason it is so cheap is because we always have it on sale to make it easy for anyone who can't afford a gold and diamond engagement ring to shop. Its original price is € 149 and we have it for € 99, the only place where you can buy an 18k white gold ring with a diamond!

The other cheaper engagement rings start at € 149

Silver engagement rings

Silver heart shape engagement ring

In our jewelry you can buy silver engagement rings from the DIAMOMFIRE brand, they are sterling silver rings with a rhodium, platinum and palladium plating. They are not diamonds but they do have a cubic zirconia the same size as a brilliant. The best quality price you can find and it is delivered in a black case of the most elegant