Women's gold chains designed in 18-carat gold ( sterling gold) so they have what is the highest quality possible (having 75% pure gold). Our white gold chains also have a rhodium plating to ensure the brilliance of the jewel.

Although there are some chains that can be for both boys and girls, there are some differences between women's gold chains and men's gold chains

  • Size . The gold chains for girls have sizes between 40 and 45 cm, while those for men are longer. We advise you to choose the length depending on the dress or the type of pendant you want. Small or medium gold pendants can go great with either size. Here we bring you a chain size guide so you have a reference
  • Thickness : Gold chains for girls can be almost any thickness, while chains for men should be thicker (or wider), chains for girls can be thin and fit perfectly. Remember that fine gold chains are not suitable for sleeping and you always have to take them off.
  • Models : Within the chains you will find some models that can be for both boys and girls and others exclusive for women, with a diamond or faceted finish that you will not find anywhere else.

The price of women's gold chains will vary depending on the weight of the jewel, in all the descriptions of our chains you will find its weight in gold. You will find fine gold chains from € 65 and the higher the price the stronger the chain will be.

Within this category you will find different types of gold chains such as Singapore, flat chains or those known as mole chains, but in addition to these models you will find lesser known but equally elegant.

All gold chains are delivered with box and official contrast

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