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    In the section of Online Jewelry rings , you will find one of the largest assortment of online rings in the country at the best price.

    What you should know when buying rings online in our jewelry:

    • If you do not succeed with the measure we offer you free exchange and return
    • All our rings are delivered with box
    • All gold and silver rings carry an official contrast that guarantees the purity and quality of the metals used
    • Diamond rings are delivered with certificate

    The brands of rings that you can buy:

    • Pandora Rings: Rings from one of the 3 most prestigious brands in the world of jewelry. You will find both classic and modern rings
    • Argyor and Eleka rings : Wedding rings of the most important brands in the country.
    • Estyli Rings : The most successful Spanish minimalist jewelery brand in France and Italy.
    • Diamanly Rings: Rings with a classic design ideal for parties and weddings.
    • Falomir Rings : Rings designed by in our craft jewelery workshop since 1799
    • Le Carré Rings: Silver and gold rings from a national fashion brand.
    • Diamonfire Rings : Classic silver rings with a rhodium, palladium, and platinum plating

    About the 3 subcategories:

    • Gold Rings : Made of sterling gold, also known as 18-karat gold
    • Silver rings : Made of sterling silver with an official contrast of 925
    • Antiallergic rings : Rings with antiallergic materials.

    We also have different sections in case you are looking for engagement rings or wedding rings. To offer more information we have prepared a couple of guides on the matter:

  • Earrings

    In the section Online jewelry earrings you can buy earrings online in a jewelry store since 1850. You will find different types of earrings depending on your style or design.

    Earrings depending on the size:

    • Small earrings : They can be earrings to wear in a second hole, for babies or for girls
    • Tight earrings : To wear close to the ear and of a medium size
    • Long earrings : They are a style in itself and can be worn on special occasions (for example bridal earrings) or to wear daily

    Brand earrings:

    • Pandora Earrings : Earrings from one of the world's leading brands of jewelry in silver or with a combination of gold and silver
    • Falomir Earrings : Gold earrings with zircons or diamonds
    • Estyli Earrings : Minimalist silver earrings with modern designs.
    • Diamanly Earrings : Silver earrings for parties and weddings.
    • Diamonfire Earrings : Silver earrings with rhodium, palladium and platinum plating
    • Le Carré Earrings: Silver earrings with a very modern line

    The 3 categories that you will find of earrings are the following:

    • Gold earrings : 18 carat gold sterling
    • Silver earrings : In sterling silver
    • Antiallergic earrings

    For guidance or information we are at your disposal


    In our Bracelets Online Jewelery section, you can buy bracelets online with all the comfort and confidence that a jewelery since 1850 has offered

    What you should know when buying bracelets :

    • Metal : you will find 3 types of categories, gold bracelets, silver bracelets and allergy bracelets
    • Contrast : All gold and silver bracelets carry an official contrast that guarantees the purity and quality of the metal
    • Length : The standard length for bracelets that are not rigid is usually around 17-18 cm. Depending on the type of bracelet they can be smaller or larger. In our workshop we also adjust bracelets to all sizes according to your needs
    • Delivery : All bracelets are delivered with brand box or box.

    Types of bracelets:

    • Riviera bracelets : also known as tennis bracelets. The riviere bracelets are made of a row of zircons (in the case of gold and silver bracelets) or diamonds (only for gold bracelets)
    • Cane bracelets: Cane bracelets are rigid and round bracelets. Cane bracelets can be smooth or engraved with details
    • Pearl bracelets : All the pearl bracelets that you will see in our jewelry are natural pearls (none imitation)
    • Pandora Bracelets : In this case we refer to charms bracelets, although within the brand I will find many other types
    • Princess bracelets : They are a type of bracelet that you will find only in the category of gold bracelets, they are characterized by a unique link type and for being wide.
    • Slaves : Also called Milanese bracelets, they are bracelets with a plate that allows their recording
    • Others : In our jewelry you will find many other bracelets that do not fall into any of the above categories, either because they are fashion bracelets or unique designs

    For information or advice we are at your entire disposal.


    In our Necklaces Online Jewelery section, you will be able to buy necklaces online with all the comforts and confidence that jewelry has offered since 1799.

    What you should know when buying necklaces :

    • Metal : you will find 3 types of categories, gold necklace, silver necklace and antiallergic necklace.
    • Contrast : All gold and silver necklaces carry an official contrast that guarantees the purity and quality of the metal
    • Length : The length of each necklace is specified in the product sheet and you will find them from very short (38-40 cm) to very long (60 cm or more). Within the product sheet and especially in the gold chains section, you will find a model that will allow you to see the effect of each of the different lengths.
    • Delivery : All necklaces are delivered with brand box or box.

    In this section of online jewelry pendants we offer you a wide assortment so that you can buy pendants online from your home with all the comfort, a return guarantee if you are not satisfied and trust a jewelry since 1850.

    What you should know about our pendants :

    • All our gold and silver pendants carry an official contrast that guarantees the purity and quality of the metals
    • All our pendants are delivered with brand cases or box
    • Many of our gold and silver pendants have a chain included. In case it does not carry you can buy a gold chain here
    • We only work with first grade gold and silver (the highest quality and proportion of gold and silver possible)

    Our pendant brands:

    • Pandora Pendants : you will find more in our online Pandora category
    • Diamonfire Pendants : Silver pendants for brides
    • Falomir Pendants : Gold and zirconia or gold and diamond pendants
    • Le Carré Pendants: Modern silver pendants

    Discover now our yellow gold, white gold and silver chains! Always top quality products at !!! With first class materials. 18 carat gold and sterling silver!

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Showing 1 - 36 of 361 items