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    Men's gold bracelets differ from women's gold bracelets in several ways:

    • Width: Men's bracelets are wider than women's. Just as we can find gold bracelets for women formed by a simple 1mm chain, in no case will we find something similar in gold bracelets for men.
    • Design: Men's gold bracelets are of two types, gold slave bracelets (also called Milanese) consisting of a chain and a plate to engrave the person's name, and gold chain bracelets. There are other types of men's bracelets such as those designed with rubber and gold.
    • Gold: Men's gold bracelets are almost always yellow gold, while women's bracelets can also be white or rose gold.

    What you should know when buying gold men's bracelets:

    • Gold: All men's gold bracelets are 18-carat gold, also called first-grade gold, including the largest amount of gold a bracelet can have. The reason why they are not made of 24 carats is because the gold bracelet would be so soft that it would dent with the minimum pressure, and the bracelet being an element that goes on the wrist, we would soon see our jewel damaged
    • Contrast: All men's gold bracelets include an Official contrast that guarantees the quality and purity of the gold used
    • Measurement: Men's gold bracelets are custom designed large enough for any man. For special measures we can have them prepared in our craft workshop.
    • Case: All bracelets are delivered with case

    Here you will find men's gold chains designed in 18-carat gold . 18k gold chains are the highest quality when it comes to men's gold chains as they have as much "quantity" of gold as possible (24k gold chains would be so soft that it would not be possible to work them)

    Men's gold chains differ from women's gold chains in 3 ways:

    • The size : All gold chains for boys have measurements between 50 and 60 cm. This length is ideal for a man and we do not recommend shorter ones as they would not fit well. On the other hand, if you are looking for longer gold chains, we encourage you to contact us and we will design a custom
    • The thickness : Men's gold chains are generally thicker (or wider) than women's, this makes them have a higher price, but aesthetically they look much better
    • The models : Although many models are manufactured in both 40 and 60 cm, there are certain models that due to the width or robustness they have are considered more for men. In this section all the chains you will find are specifically men's gold chains

    The price of the chains will vary depending on the weight of the piece, although some models have a greater work to be able to be designed, the weight of the chains is still decisive in their price. Some models cost just over € 100, although most are usually between 200 and 400. The higher the price, the stronger the chain. In all the product sheets of chains for boys you can see the weight of each one of them.

    Although the best known model is the cord , we encourage you to discover many other models, all of them suitable for men, such as the cartier , bilbao , calabrote or bearded chains.

    All chains are accompanied by a box and carry an official contrast.

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Showing 1 - 36 of 79 items