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In our Online Jewelry and in our Lliria jewelry in Valencia, you can buy the best Jewelry brands . We are official distributors of all brands and we always offer the latest trend-setting models. All parts have FREE shipping, exchange and returns.

In our Online Jewelry and in our Lliria jewelry in Valencia, you can buy the best Jewelry brands . We are official distributors of all brands and we always offer the latest trend-setting models. All parts have FREE shipping, exchange and returns.




    The Paul Hewitt brand bracelets rose to fame for their famous anchor bracelet style that has earned them world recognition as one of the largest fashion brands in the jewelry world.

    We can find both Paul Hewitt bracelets for men and Paul Hewitt bracelets for women . There are also two types of anchor bracelets, leather bracelets and nylon bracelets.


    The brand of Spanish bloggers presents its line of jewelry. Jewels made of steel in silver and gold colors. Ideal to combine with our watches from the same brand.


    Diamonfire is one of the emerging European jewelry brands that are betting on the quality of their pieces. Diamonfire jewelery has transferred the finish of high jewelery to silver, achieving exceptional pieces.

    What you should know when buying Diamonfire :

    • All designs are in sterling silver
    • The zircons used in their jewelry are natural and of the A ++ type (highest quality).
    • The size of the Diamonfire zircons is of the brilliant type, the same used by most diamonds to achieve the maximum possible shine in each one of the jewels.
    • Silver is plated with rhodium, platinum and palladium, which guarantees an eternal shine!
    • All Diamonfire jewelry is delivered in a velvety black case with part certificate
    • Diamonfire prices start at € 50

    What kind of jewelry will we find in Diamonfire:

    • All Diamonfire jewelry has a timeless, classic design, the kind of pieces that will never go out of style
    • The collection is made up of rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants
    • Piece sets including ring, chain, pendant and earrings from € 89


    Vidal Vidal is the jewelery brand with the most international projection on the jewelery scene. In our online jewelry you can buy it with FREE shipping and returns. In addition to buying vidal vidal in a jewelry store since 1850


    Le Carré is a brand recently incorporated into the jewelry market. However, the business group to which it belongs has been part of the history of jewelery since 1982. Le Carré arises from the appearance of a second generation in this company with the desire to create a differentiated product where what has more weight is Design and Quality, thus creating silver jewelry of a very high quality.

    This brand was created in 2010, with unique and very original designs with which they have managed to bring high-design jewelry to all pockets and at very competitive prices. The brand has two different lines: Le Carré gold and Le Carré silver

    What you should know when buying Le Carré silver :

    • The silver pieces are first grade
    • Gold jewelery is plated in yellow gold, rose gold rose and rhodium white
    • All the jewels are delivered inside the brand's box
    • Within the silver line we can also find some pieces with diamonds
    • The first price of Le Carré silver starts at € 19

    What you should know when buying Le Carré gold :

    • The pieces are of gold of first law, that is to say, of 18 carat gold
    • The rose and white pieces are plated with rose gold and rhodium respectively
    • The vast majority of all pieces have diamonds
    • We can find white, brown and black diamonds
    • Delivered with a branded and certified box
    • The first price of Le Carré gold starts at € 109

    In Joyeria Online we also offer free shipping, exchange and returns. For more information we are at your entire disposal.


    Mi Moneda is a jewelry brand with more than 160 years of history that although it has a Spanish name, its origin is Dutch. It is the quintessential fashion brand and the one that has entered the jewelery market the strongest and that comes up with the idea of creating personalized jewelery.

    My Currency is made up of 3 different units:

    • Fences : Mi Moneda fences are available in 3 sizes (S, M and L)
    • Coins : My Currency coins go inside the fence
    • Chains : They are long chains, more than 60 cm.

    What you should know when buying My Currency :

    • It was the origin brand of interchangeable fences and from which many imitations have emerged
    • The fences are made of sterling silver
    • The golden frames have a yellow gold plating and the pink frames have a pink gold plating


    In our section of Online Jewelry Alex and Ani we offer you FREE shipping, a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied and the confidence to buy Alex and Ani in a jewelry store with more than 160 years of history. Alex and Ani is an eco friendly jewelry brand, all its products are made from recycled materials. Created in 2004 by Carolyn Rafaelian, in North America, giving the firm the name of her two oldest daughters. Currently it is one of the fashion brands that are famous throughout the world. Carolyn believes that by creating designs that respect the environment and promote social awareness, consumers can help protect our planet and our future through their purchases. Through this online jewelry website you can find pieces of this brand which will be served with the brand's official packaging. We are official distributors of Alex and Ani .


    The most youthful line of the well-known designer Roberto Cavalli, a brand born in 1988 with the intention of approaching youth. On this online jewelry website you can find watches, pendants and bracelets of the brand designed for women who want to stand out. On this occasion throughout the brand we see the designer's brand with an "animal print" that is to say with animal marks, as we can see in many of his watch designs, which usually appear in the dial of scraps or drawings of animal skins. This well-known Italian brand is mainly aimed at women of all ages but who like to stand out and are daring. All the jewelry pieces of this brand are made of steel, just like watches, almost all the pieces can be found in silver or gold. All the pieces are served with the official packaging of the brand and its guarantee.


    In our Online Jewelry and in our Lliria Valencia jewelry store you can buy LUXENTER with free shipping and all the guarantee of buying the jewelry brand


    Swarovski® Young Brand


    In our Online Jewelery you can soon buy all the jewels that appear in the VELVET television series . All OFFICIAL jewelry designed by Doña Bárbara (Amaia Salamanca) and Doña Cristina (Manuela Velasco) at your disposal in our Online Jewelery and physical store.


    All the office supplies of the HUGO BOSS brand that you can buy at JOYERIA ONLINE. An ideal gift for a man, with OFFICIAL box and certificate of authenticity


    Silver wedding bands of the IBERICA brand, designed in sterling silver with official contrast "925" and case


    Discover the MAXIMO BETRO collection on our website, a young Valencian brand of sterling silver jewelry with swarovski crystals with fun colors and very original pieces.

    What you should know when buying Maximo Betro:

    • The authenticity of its crystals can be verified on the Swarovski website
    • Work with sterling silver pieces
    • The gold pieces have a sterling gold plating
    • All her jewels are customizable and exclusive designs can be made to measure for our clients.
    • Maximo Betro jewels are delivered with box

    Qudo is a German jewelry brand. Created in 2009, always creating trends, this brand arrives in Spain with a great track record in the rest of Europe. With a large catalog of bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings ... Always with top quality materials such as Italian nappa leather and stainless steel.


    The relationship of J orge Revilla   With design and creativity he begins his studies of Styling, Design and Fashion, which he carries out in his hometown, Burgos, Spain, and which continues in London. His passion for travel and his interest in other cultures leads him to get to know many countries in depth. It is on these trips that a passion for natural stones begins to emerge in him, those little gifts of nature, full of color and life, that gradually become the central axis of his life. In 1993, with just 23 years old, he decided to select the most special and representative stones in each country and commercialize them in Spain. In this way, his first commercial relationship with a world that he has been passionate about for years is born.
    In 1996, together with his sister Gloria, designer, they create the current Jorge Revilla company . The reason for the birth of this new company is to go even further in that passion for natural stones and find the most appropriate way to express all its beauty in silver jewelry with stones.

  • 119 GOLD

    Falomir 18 karat gold line at a special price of € 119


    ITEMPORALITY brand jewelry. Elegance, and class in any of its jewels.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items