When we want to give or buy a ring online we may have the problem that we do not know what size of ring we have. In our online jewelry store we propose several alternatives to solve the problem.

  1. International ring measurement equivalence table
  2. Measure the ring with circumference
  3. Bracelet
  4. Ring

International ring measurement equivalency table

ring measurements

International ring size chart

The diameter corresponds to the inner diameter of the ring. That is, what it measures from end to end in a ring inside, from one end to the other.

The column corresponding to France and the European Union are the numbers used by many brands such as PANDORA.

Measure the ring with the circumference

This is a useful method when we have a ring on hand and want to have the same measurement. For this we have to print the sheet that we offer below as a download, making sure that the document is at a real size, then we have to put our ring on the template and look for the circle that fits our ring. We have to get the inner part of our ring to fit perfectly with the black circle. In our experience it is not a 100% reliable method, for two reasons, the first is that we can take the measurement erroneously and the second is that we must bear in mind that the ring from which we take the measurement is worn on the same finger and hand of the ring we want to buy. Logically not all fingers are the same size, but many times we do not take into account that from one hand to the other there is also a variation.

Print tester

As in the previous method we have to make sure that we have printed the actual size, then we cut out the template and try it on. It presents a major problem, it does not take into account the effect of the knuckle. Some people have a wide knuckle that prevents the ring from passing easily, if we use the method of printing a tester, we will not be considering this effect and once we receive the ring we may realize that it is not the correct measurement

With a ring

In our online jewelry store you can also buy a ring for only free shipping. It is especially useful for alliances, if you buy the ring when you already know the size, wedding rings, we discount the final price, the cost of the ring.

That is, if you buy the ring to take your measurement, and then you buy alliances worth € 150, we will discount the price of the ring at 150, so in the end it will be free and you will surely hit with your rings - you can buy a ring bin here-