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Pandora is a brand of silver jewelry   Created in 1982 by a Danish couple. Between the years 2000 and 2009 it went from being a little appreciated brand to becoming one of the most successful and present brands in Europe. Pandora's mission - today and forever - is to offer all women in the world a wonderful universe of jewelry, the pieces of wh...

Pandora is a brand of silver jewelry   Created in 1982 by a Danish couple. Between the years 2000 and 2009 it went from being a little appreciated brand to becoming one of the most successful and present brands in Europe. Pandora's mission - today and forever - is to offer all women in the world a wonderful universe of jewelry, the pieces of which are made by hand, using the highest quality materials and at an affordable price. The   Pandora jewelry is genuine, contemporary and feminine and inspires women to express their individuality

On the operation of Pandora:

  • Pandora bracelets : they are the basic element and although at the beginning there was only one model, today we can find more than 20 different models
  • Pandora Charms : also known as Pandora beads , they are the elements with which the bracelet is built. There are different colors and themes, with charms geared towards sports, sisters, hobbies, etc.
  • Pandora Clips : They allow you to keep the charms in place
  • Pandora separators: its function is to highlight some element of the bracelet
  • Safety chains : Prepared so that in case of breakage we do not lose our charms.

About Pandora's jewelry:

  • Pandora Rings: Pandora rings are available from size 10 to 18.
  • Pandora Necklaces: Most are designed to be worn long (from 60 cm)
  • Pandora Earrings: They come to match the charms and are very oriented by the fashion of the moment

Some considerations about Pandora:

  • Metals: all Pandora charms and bracelets are gold or silver
  • Pandora Collections: Every 3 months Pandora releases a different collection coinciding with the change of season or with some special date
  • Cleaning: There are exclusive Pandora cleaning kits of the brand
  • At Joyeria Online we are OFFICIAL distributors
  • All our Pandora pieces are delivered with velvet box or bag, contrast and official certificate and brand bag.

The price of Pandora will vary depending on whether it is a bracelet (€ 39), a charm (€ 19) etc. .. For more information and advice we are at your disposal.



  • Pandora Charms

    Pandora's charms , also called Pandora's beads , are the pieces that we will place on the bracelet and that are the very essence of the brand.

    Some considerations when buying Pandora charms :

    • All the beads are made of noble metals, either in silver or in a combination of gold and silver
    • We will be able to find charms for every occasion, either for a birthday, for a family member, or with a specific hobby.
    • Think about the colors with which you are making your bracelet, charms with the same shades will give more meaning and a better appearance to your design
    • Use a central charm to build your Pandora bracelet , a more important bead that stands out from the rest.

    Delivery of the charms:

    • All charms go well in Pandora brand velvet bags or in cases (depending on the value)
    • All of them have contracted and official seal
    • In case of being a gift and not correct, we will always accept the exchange or return of the charm.

    The price of Pandora charms starts at € 19 and most are between € 25 and € 39

  • Pandora Bracelets

    Pandora bracelets are the emblem of the brand and the main reason why today Pandora is the third largest jewelry brand in the world. We can find two types of Pandora bracelets, those indicated to put charms and jewelry-oriented bracelets.

    Considerations when buying Pandora bracelets :

    • Charm bracelets can be rigid or flexible
    • The smallest size is size 15 and the largest is 23 cm, with 18 cm and 19 cm being the most sold and most common bracelets.
    • For choosing the size of the bracelet, it is advisable to choose one with 2cm more than the size of the wrist, so that there is enough space to put Pandora charms .
    • All bracelets are sterling silver
    • We can also find models that combine silver and leather, or silver and gold.
    • All Pandora bracelets have arrangement and in our workshop we are specialized in it.
    • Delivered with brand box
    • The classic Pandora bracelets are priced at € 59. There is also the classic rigid Pandora bracelet for the same price.

    The price of the Pandora bracelet starts at € 39. For more information or advice we are at your entire disposal.

  • Pandora Earrings

    Pandora earrings are one of the brand's jewelry lines along with rings and pendants.

    Some considerations when buying Pandora earrings :

    • We found two sizes: small earrings for girls or to wear in a second hole, and earrings with a medium size.
    • Most earrings follow the fashion trend, such as double ball earrings or Pandora earcuffs, while others are timeless and follow a more classic cut
    • Some earrings have matching Pandora charms and rings .
    • All earrings are sterling silver
    • All earrings are delivered with case, bag and Pandora brand certificate
    • The price of pandora earrings starts at € 35, while most have an average between € 40 and € 50

    For more information we are at your disposal.

  • Pandora Rings

    Pandora rings are part of the brand's jewelry collection along with the earrings and necklaces. And it is that Pandora is much more than a bracelet and here you can discover it.

    Some considerations when buying Pandora rings :

    • The smallest size is 10 and the largest is 18
    • The equivalence of sizes in Pandora is as follows, a 50 is equivalent to a size 10, a 52 to a size 12 etc.
    • If you are going to give a Pandora brand ring and you do not know the size of the other person, you should know that the best selling sizes are 12 and 14.
    • In many cases we can adjust the ring in our workshop for special sizes. This can be done as long as the bottom of the ring is not covered with zircons.
    • The price of Pandora rings starts at € 35 (some models of fine rings without zircons) and the highest value € 119
    • All Pandora rings are made of sterling silver and in some cases like charms, they combine 14 carat gold.
    • Within the different styles of rings we can find classic rings very similar to the engagement rings of a lifetime and more modern rings following current trends (double rings etc.)
    • In the rings we will also find some of the elements with which the Murano charms are made and the colored charms such as enameling or the use of genuine gems
    • All rings are delivered with a branded case and bag
    • Some of Pandora's fine rings are perfect to combine with other rings of the brand

    PANDORA expands, as the great jewelry brand that is presents its line of necklaces. Within Pandora's necklaces we will find two main types:

    • Necklaces made of two pieces: a Pandora chain and a Pandora charm
    • Necklaces made of one piece: generally a motif from which the chain emerges on each side (they are the current trend)

    Regarding the length of the necklaces, we also find two different lines:

    • Short necklaces: about 45 cm and with a small charm
    • Long necklaces: about 60 cm and with a large charm

    We should also know that most Pandora necklaces are finished with a series of handles at the end of the chain, so that it is possible to adjust it to various sizes.

    Other considerations when buying Pandora necklaces :

    • All the brand's necklaces are made of sterling silver
    • All necklaces are delivered with an official box and packaging


    Pandora security chains are an element of the bracelet aimed at securing our bracelet in case of breakage and it is considered one of the basic elements of the Pandora bracelet along with Pandora charms and clips . Safety chains consist of two parts similar to a charm and linked by a chain.

    Some considerations when buying the Pandora security chain:

    • Although the number of designs is more limited than in charms, we will also find different models depending on the collection and season.
    • The price of Pandora security chains starts at € 35
    • All safety chains are silver, although we will also find a model that combines gold
    • Safety chains are delivered with all the official packaging of the Pandora brand

    For more information we are at your disposal.


    Now PANDORA also has silver chains to wear all its pendants and charms. Pandora chains are designed with sterling silver and are ideal to wear your favorite charm around your neck in a different way from the usual bracelet.


    PANDORA presents its line of clips. Clips are a must-have on PANDORA bracelets. It will provide us stability in the bracelets since thanks to them our charms will not be loose and we can place them at our whim creating even more personalized bracelets. You know, choose at least two and create your PANDORA bracelet to your liking!


    PANDORA lockets are the latest collection from the world's largest jewelry brand. Its lockets are fences in which we introduce the petite memories and that serve to place on our bracelet like any other charm. PANDORA fences are also available in a larger size to be used as a pendant, gorgeous!

    What you should know when buying Pandora Lockets :

    • There are 2 sizes of locket for the pendant and necklace format . One medium and one large
    • There is a locket for the Pandora bracelet
    • Inside the lockets are placed the petite memories
    • Medium and large lockets hold 3 petite memories (one pack), while the locket charm has room for one petite memory
    • Pandora has two models of lockets, one round and the other heart-shaped. Either one can be used as a pendant with a Pandora chain
    • In Joyeria Online we make Personalized Pandora locks in our craft workshop, with your name that you will not find anywhere else
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Showing 1 - 36 of 337 items