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    The entire Pandora Disney collection. In this category you will find your favorite characters from Disney movies.

    • Harry Potter Charms: Although they are not part of Disney, they are part of Pandora's fantasy movie collection. We will find the Harry Potter charm, Hermione's Charm and Dobby's charm among others.
    • Lion King Charms: Simba charm in both the shine and collection.

    The PANDORA brand presents its collection of rose charms. These charms are made of low alloy silver and copper. In addition to a second grade gold plating. Those on our website are always original products. It is sent with the original packaging.


    Discover the PANDORA SPRING SUMMER collection in our online jewelry with free shipping and returns! PANDORA in its collection presents various colors, blues, greens, reds ... in short, everything is very happy for these times of the year!


    In our online jewelry store you can buy the entire PANDORA fall winter collection. Always with the highest quality and PANDORA jewelry always made of sterling silver. With zircons and high-class materials. Find your PANDORA jewel with jewelry online.


    Discover the PANDORA collection this Christmas in our online jewelry. Every year PANDORA presents us with a new Christmas collection. Discover what surprises awaits us for this new collection. All inspired by Father Christmas, gifts and the predominant red color of this time. A perfect gift for this time of year where dreams are possible.


    In this category you can find the entire collection of Pandora San Valentin . Such a romantic time requires its own category in our online jewelry. Pandora, ideal to give away, a guaranteed success! Enjoy PANDORA on this special day!

    What you should know about the San Valentin Pandora collection :

    • The celebration of Valentine's Day is February 14
    • To be ready for the appointed date, the collection leaves 3 weeks before
    • In the collection there is usually a limited edition Valentine's charm and a special case
    • Hearts and shades of red predominate in the collection

    For more information about the Valentine's collection we are at your disposal.


    PANDORA MOMENTS collection, the classic and basic charms, earrings and rings. A PANDORA charm for every moment of your life. Enjoy a collection created for those moments. Made of sterling silver and top quality zirconias. PANDORA always with you.


    Pandora releases new collections every 3 months with each new change of season or for specific dates such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc. This causes many of its charms and jewelry to be discontinued shortly after leaving.

    In order to help you in case you are looking for a
    special charm from previous collections, we have collected all discontinued Pandora pieces that are no longer part of the current catalog in one place.

    What you should know when buying in our
    Discontinued Pandora section :

    • All the pieces that you will find here are discontinued , so once the stock is finished, there will be no replacement possible.
    • The section is updated every time pandora discontinues its pieces
    • The category includes discontinued charms, discontinued Pandora bracelets and other pieces of jewelry.
    • All discontinued Pandora jewelry is delivered with the packaging and official certificate

    For more information about the discontinued pieces of Pandora we are at your disposal.


    In the PANDORA SHINE collection you will find all the golden products of pandora. Both bracelets, charms, rings, earrings and necklaces. Always get the latest at Always authentic, always PANDORA SHINE.


    Collection category Pandora reflections. Remember that reflection bracelets have their own charms.

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Showing 1 - 36 of 90 items